By Sky Destrian - May 05, 2010

List of reasons why I like coffee:
1. It tastes so smooth.
2. And sweet.
3. It's awesome.
4. It's amazing.
5. Did I mention it tastes good?
6. It gives you energy.
7. A lot of energy.
8. Too much energy.
9. I have a t-shirt that says "Thank God for coffee."
10. I am wearing said t-shirt right now
11. Coffee is YUMMY!
12. I love coffee.
13. Coffee shops are one of my favorite places.
14. I love to pour it into the cup.
15. It smells good.
16. It tastes good!
17. Coffee is delicious.
18. Yep. Coffee = amazingness.

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  1. "6. It gives you energy. 7. A lot of energy. 8. Too much energy."

    Really? It does? ;-) Kidding. I'm a monster every morning until I've had my daily cup of coffee or tea. <3 Coffee it truly zee bestest.



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