In Which I Find Flynn

By Sky Destrian - April 21, 2012

It's no secret that I love Tangled. Frying pans are my preferred weapon of choice, and I'm a lot like Rapunzel. I'm a fan of a lot of things (and some of them I love more than Tangled, sadly) but for some reason, Tangled is just what people think of when they think of me. I've sort of become notorious for it. Which is why it's no surprise that Flynn Rider was one of my birthday gifts from a friend.

Thank you again for the gift, Tess! You rock.

Flynn, meet Blog World. Blog World, meet Flynn.

I know not who you are, 
nor how I came to find you, 
but may I just say... Hi.

I've finally found the Flynn to my Rapunzel. And so, armed with my frying pan and my stuffed Flynn, I'm going to take on the world. Care to join me?

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  1. Aaaaah, I LOVE Tangled! Heehee, your little Flynn is very cute ... can I join you on your adventures? I don't have a saucepan... But you have my sword ;)

    1. Of course! Your services are most welcome. *bows* One needs people with swords on this sort of mission... quest... thing.

    2. I like you. Because anyone who owns a stuffed Flynn and quotes LOTR is automatically awesome.

    3. Le hannon, my friend. Im gelir ceni ad lín. (Translation: Thank you, my friend. I am happy to see you again. Thank goodness for sites like this one... and the handy copy & paste button. ;))

      I like you, too. Because anyone who comments on my blog and also has an amazing blog of their own is automatically awesome! ;)

  2. O_o I WANT ONE.

    Can I come help you take on the world? I'll go recruit Sherlock and John. (Major Sherlockian over here...)

    1. YES. YES. A thousand times, yes. You can so come. It would be an honor to have your presence.

      And by all means, go get Sherlock and John. Fictional characters are more than welcome on this quest. Any other takers?

    2. I'll drag a few spare orcs, maybe a direwolf or two. You never know when they'll come in handy!

    3. Hmm. Orcs. Interesting, considering I was going to hunt them in my last post about Aragorn. No matter, though. They're welcome so long as they behave. ;)

  3. LOVE Flynn! And love the Flynn quote....and everythingn else about him. :P My mom just bought a cast iron skillet...perhaps I can use that. :P That would easily kill someone. XD

    Love your reply to Charley. ;)

    1. Flynn. Is. Epic. 'Nuff said. If you like him, then you obviously have good taste. ;)

      Cast iron skillets work just as well, and you're more than welcome to join us. In fact, I hate to say that something is better than a frying pan, but I think skillets would be even more effective. Kind of scary to think about, in a way. O.o Betcha didn't know you had weapons in your kitchen, eh? :P

      Thanks. ;) Quoting LotR = always classic.

  4. I have to say I'm lucky to have married my own personal Flynn... (Tangled SO Rocks my world... must puchase video as it is no longer available on Netflixs *grrrr*)

    Anyway you quote makes me giggle sooo much because, well my hubby does the same sort of thing. He's gets just so far into the romance and then goes all 'guy' on me.. It's quite endearing. But *ahem* enough of my swooning....

    Taking on the world you say? Perhaps I can bring Xena, Herculese and Gabrielle? Maybe Joxer for additional comic relief?

    :} Cathryn


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